What you need to know about automatic watch

What you need to know about automatic watch

Every body like automatic watches, how to wear automatic watch is the first thing you need to know before you buy automatic watch

If you are buying automatic watches, when you hit it, you can feel the tourbillon is moving and hear a voice from the watch, that is automatic movement watch; another automatic movement without voice, that is half automatic movement.

Different from quartz watch, if the battery is available, the watch is keeping wroking, you dont need to set the power served for your quartz watch. So when you first get the automatic watch, please turn out the sub hand where to use set time and date, set the power reserved for the watch first, and do remember wear the watch over a wholeday, automatic watch need to wear every day, if you keep it quite for days, it will stop working, and then you need to reset the time and day again.

If it is 7750 chrono automatic watch, please check this photo:

Mechanical watch winder can solve this problem, can not wear the watch on the inside of the box and turn on the switch, automatic. Rotating box with electronic digital control, timing of automatic watch, mechanical watch automatic periodic winding. Some watch winder to support 3V dry battery case and variable electrical power supply, so that you can be a valuable brand name watches and jewelery are placed in a safe or closet, den and bedroom. Use of the winder, you can keep the collection of mechanical watches best running status, and to ensure more accurate time, ready to use wear watches mechanical watch collectors and lovers collection process aids.
(Knowledge of the watch: mechanical watch, automatic watch when not wearing, machine will stop running for a long time will lead to deterioration of the watch function.)

All automatic mechanical watch, must often wear or timing chain in order to maintain normal operation. If the mechanical stop running for a long time, a long time will lead to deterioration of the watch function. The general sweep watch power reserve, probably no more than -38 hours, In other words, when you do not wear a watch more than 38 hours, watch depleted due to the spring, will eventually stop to. If your collection, but there are only 1,2 automatic watch, on the chain often wear or to stop only on the chain, not trouble. But if collection number, to ensure that all watch to stop, who also feel headache and trouble. In addition, for screw-in crown watch, hands chain will bring the thread wear. Each unscrew the crown on the chain and tune will wear the thread and waterproof gasket. For screw-in crown automatic watch, hand chain, and reset the time is not only inconvenient, there will be great damage to the watch!

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