How to buy swiss replica watches?

How to buy swiss replica watches?

Today, we tell you how to buy replica watches and how to use promo code.

When you come to, please choose the watches Brand at the right site as this photo:
So you can go to the watches list, as you click Rolex, Then will show out all Rolex Models. If you dont want to search by brand, please input the keywords in the search bar, as Rolex Daytona Gold Diamonds, then all the items relate to this keyword will come out.

Then click the photo or watches name to view the detail page:

You can check more photos after you click Click for more photos at the button of the photo.

OK, please check the watch description, make sure this is the exact model you are finding. We will see there are two price there, one is ETA Watch, and one is for normal watch, tick the watch type you want, and then click Add To Cart, so the watch will be in your shopping cart, if you have promo code, please input it in the promo code area and click check, if the promo code is available, you will save 10% discount off, after that, input your shipping address and email address, your order finished.

When click check out, we will see a payment button, you can click the button to finish the payment online, if you dont want to pay now, you can go to your email box to track the payment invoice too.

In your shopping cart, we see there is an input text where you can input a promo code, if you have it, you can input it, if the promo code you input is available, you will save extra 10% discount off.

We also see there is a offer your price there on the detail page, if you sure you have a good lucky today, you can click it and offer your price, our system have 10 customers every day. Input your amount and submit the bidding, then within 30 minutes you will get an email to tell you if the bidding is successful.

OK, Have a good shipping, my dear friends.


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