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About Swiss replica Breitling watches

Our Breitling Navitimer Replica Series Include: Breitling Navitimer Replica watches are truly a historical rampart. The legendary 806 model was initially introduced in 1952, and the Breitling Navitimer mens automatic watch has remained unchanged in form in over half a century. A true navigation instrument, this series has been adopted as the official watch of the AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association). This self winding automatic chronograph watch is COSC certified, ensuring precision and accuracy as well as style, grace, and functionality for the modern pilot and casual wearer alike. Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute Replica watches were developed in the early days of the space race. Seeking to enable features suitable in this new frontier, the timepiece was designed with a 24 hour dial avoid confusion during orbital flight. This series was first taken into space by Scott Carpenter aboard Aurora 7 on May 24th, 1962. In addition to a self winding automatic COSC certified Chronometer movement, this timepiece features a flyback function. While designed for spaceflight, this elegant timepiece is used worldwide by the armed forces and casual wearers alike. Breitling Navitimer Montbrillant Replica watches possess an elegance inspired by the traditional design of the 1940s. The elegant dial, adorned with the solid 18k gold Breitling logo features a 1/100th of an hour indicator in the center. The self winding automatic chronograph mechanism is manufactured to the utmost standard in the watch industry. This style and functionality is packaged into a manageable size for a more refined and elegant appeal. Breitling Navitimer Montbrillant Olympus Replica watches are truly a marvel of functionality. The two-tone dial clearly differentiates the timekeeping area from the logarithmic scales designed for pilots. The mechanism is an advanced integration of a multitude of functions. This COSC Chronometer Certified automatic chronograph movement also measure the day, date, month, and moon phases. Furthermore, the timepiece takes into account the days for a complete leap year cycle lasting four years. Finally, in a tribute to its origin, the back case of the watch bears an engraving of the original factory built by Leon Breitling in 1892 on Montbrillant street, in the watch-making town of Chaux-de-Fonds. This is a stylish timepiece capable of functionality for top aviators, and endowed with elegance for casual and formal wear. Breitling Navitimer World Replica watches possess all the features necessary for navigation, coupled with the added feature of keeping time in two time zones simultaneously. Among the largest of the Navitimer series, the Navtimer World mens watch is ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit. The watches in this series feature the coveted COSC certified automatic chronograph Caliber 24 movement. The caseback is engraved with the timezones of the world great cities. This timepiece is an elegant and practical watch for professional navigators and casual wearers alike.